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5 Benefits of Physio Home Visits

Many people do not realise that physiotherapy home visits are possible, as they assume physiotherapy can only be accessed in a clinical setting. However, many physiotherapy services can be carried out in your own home by a mobile physiotherapist.

Here we consider the benefits of physiotherapy home visits:

1. They are accessible

There may be circumstances that prevent you from receiving timely physiotherapy treatment because you are unable to travel to a clinic or you would put yourself at risk by traveling. For example, if you have:

• difficulties conducting daily activities such as walking and climbing the stairs

• balance problems

• a disability or illness

• an increased risk of infection in public places

• had a recent operation or injury e.g., a fall

Being seen at home can make it possible for you to access and benefit from physiotherapy, by overcoming some of the obstacles that prevent you from receiving treatment.

2. You get more personalised support

By visiting your home and observing issues that may not be clear in a clinical setting, the therapist can conduct an accurate risk assessment to make your home environment safer. For example, if you have back issues, they may be worsening due to uncomfortable furniture, or a workstation set at the wrong height. The therapist can thoroughly assess them and make recommendations and adjustments during your appointment.

Having the physiotherapist present whilst you are moving around your home and outdoors can improve your confidence, especially if you have had a recent fall. The therapist can tailor home exercises and provide advice on how you can make your daily activities easier to conduct. Your rehabilitation will become part of your daily routine, therefore giving you the practical skills to aid your own recovery and regain your independence.

Plus, home visits are often longer than appointments in clinics, so the physiotherapist has more time to focus on your specific needs, explain exercises, and perform treatments.

3. They are cost-effective and convenient

By being treated at home you can save money and time by removing the need to travel, and you do not have to wait around in a clinic to be seen. Home visits are convenient because appointments are flexible around your own schedule and routine.

Physiotherapy sessions can be hard work and tiring. At the end of your home visit, you do not need to make the journey back. You can relax and make yourself a well-earned cup of tea!

4. You are more comfortable

If you are in pain, have anxiety, or are caring for children, traveling to the clinic for your appointment can be challenging. Travelling may aggravate your pain and stress. Children can easily become unsettled in unfamiliar environments. Being in a familiar, comfortable, and relaxed environment can lead to faster progress.

5. There are opportunities for supervision

You may have family and/or carers at home who can keep an eye on your progress and help you stay motivated. If you wish, the physiotherapist can share advice and techniques with them that will assist you with a speedier recovery.

At Village Physio, our Chartered Physiotherapist offers home visits for adults of any age. Please be assured that the therapist is DBS checked and registered with the HCPC and CSP. Find out more at


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