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Physiotherapy Home Visits

Home visits from our Chartered Physiotherapist

  • Injury rehabilitation e.g. fracture management and post-falls recovery

  • Intervention for joint, muscle, and arthritic conditions 

  • Posture and gait analysis

  • Advice for individuals, their carers, and families

  • Evening and weekend appointments are available

  • See our blog article for the benefits of receiving physiotherapy at home

Initial assessment and treatment


Our experienced physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment. You will be asked about your medical history, general health, and any goals you want to achieve. The therapist may ask you to perform movements and exercises in order to assess your ability. After the assessment, you will formulate some goals with the therapist and gain a personalised treatment plan.

Follow-up appointments


After your first appointment, our physiotherapist will have formulated a treatment plan. They will start with a quick chat to determine how you have been doing since your previous appointment. Then they will complete a condensed assessment to monitor your progress. The remainder of the session will be focused on your ongoing treatment.


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