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What is a Chartered Physiotherapist?

Professional qualifications & memberships

A Chartered Physiotherapist is a professional who has completed a degree in physiotherapy, which typically lasts for three to four years. They are also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). This means they must adhere to strict standards of practice and ethics, ensuring they provide safe and effective care to their patients.


Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in assessing and treating a wide range of physical conditions and injuries. This can include anything from muscle aches and injuries to neurological conditions and post-operative rehabilitation. They use a variety of techniques, such as manual therapy, and exercise to help their patients improve their mobility, reduce pain, and restore function.

Ongoing professional development

Another important aspect of seeing a Chartered Physiotherapist is their commitment to ongoing professional development. They are required to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date through continued education and training. This ensures that they are providing the best possible care to their patients and staying current with the latest research and treatment techniques.

Evidence-based, tailored care

They are highly skilled professionals who can help you recover from injury or manage a chronic condition effectively. Their expertise allows them to provide evidence-based care that is tailored to your individual needs, rather than relying on generic treatments that may not be effective for your specific problem. They will conduct a thorough assessment to identify the cause of your symptoms and create a bespoke treatment plan to address them. This can include hands-on treatment, exercises, and advice on how to manage your condition effectively.

Preventative care

Seeing a Chartered Physiotherapist can help you avoid unnecessary medical interventions, such as surgery or medication. They can provide non-invasive, drug-free treatments that are safe and effective for a wide range of conditions. This can help you avoid potential side effects and long-term complications associated with more invasive treatments.


A Chartered Physiotherapist is a highly qualified professional who can help you improve your physical health and wellbeing. By seeking out their services, you can benefit from personalised care tailored to your individual needs, evidence-based treatments, and ongoing support to help you manage your condition effectively. If you are dealing with a physical ailment or injury, don't hesitate to get in touch with a Chartered Physiotherapist from Village Physio for expert care and support.


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