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5 Benefits of Group Physiotherapy

Exercising regularly has lots of health benefits such as improving your wellbeing, managing your weight, helping you recover from an injury, and preventing disease. However, many people find themselves avoiding consistent exercise due to difficulties motivating themselves, lacking interest or the time. Participating in a group exercise programme, in a therapeutic setting, can support you to make a successful lifestyle change by removing some of the potential barriers.

1. It’s a chance to socialise and have fun

In a group setting, you can gain positive connections with others. You may have felt isolated during the pandemic or had difficulties participating in activities due to pain, restricted mobility, challenges recovering from a recent injury or surgery. Sharing your interests and experiences with others, in similar circumstances can support your rehabilitation. This can increase your enjoyment and improve your mental health.

2. Get encouragement and improve your motivation

Everyone can have days where they struggle with exercising. Being in a group can increase your motivation because you have others to encourage and support you. This can help you to maintain a positive attitude. Plus seeing what others are capable of, may give you the determination not to give in and push yourself more than you normally would in isolation.

3. Benefit from peer and expert supervision

If you are performing exercises on your own, you may be tempted to skip exercises that you do not enjoy doing or are unsure how to perform correctly. When you participate in group physiotherapy, you can watch what others are doing and the therapist is there to correct your form, motivate you, and share their wealth of knowledge. The programme is tailored to your individual needs within the group, ensuring each participant is using the proper technique. Therefore, you can enjoy a workout that is safe and effective and avoid injury or aggravating existing conditions.

4. Become accountable

Being part of a group is a fantastic way to ensure you turn up each week and participate because you become accountable not only to yourself but to your peers and the physiotherapist.

5. Get an incentive to keep going with a block booking!

On days where you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself, having a block booking can be an additional incentive for attending, as you will have already paid for your place. Plus, block bookings allow you to save money over the long run rather than paying for individual sessions separately.

At Village Physio, we run a weekly, highly evidence-based group physiotherapy programme for the over 65s. These are led by our Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in treating this age group. Anyone interested in trying it out can come along to a free taster session. Find out more.


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