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Use it or Lose it!

Our physiotherapy programme for older adults

  • Group physiotherapy takes place every Sunday at 12pm-1pm at Whiston Parish Hall.  

  • We are currently offering new customers a free taster session. Try before you buy!

  • We recommend you join this programme for a minimum of 8 weeks to see results. 

  • You can pay as you go, or receive a discounted rate if you book a block of sessions (see below).

  • Our experienced Chartered Physiotherapist will tailor the programme to your individual needs.

  • Group physiotherapy has many advantages. Our highly evidenced-based exercises are designed to improve your strength, balance and endurance, and prevent falls.

  • You will receive a combination of group-based and home-based exercises, including a walking programme. 

  • You should complete your exercises at least 3 times a week at home.

  • The therapist will complete regular reviews and adjust the exercise prescription as appropriate as you progress.

  • If you need more support from the therapist, as a member of this programme, you can get discounted one-to-one home visits.

Group Physio: My Practice
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A Well-Balanced Exercise Plan

Aging and leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause our muscles and bones to become weaker, and our endurance and balance to decline over time.

Group Physiotherapy members will receive our 'Home Physiotherapy Programme'. The exercises in this booklet are designed to improve your balance, strength and endurance, alongside participating in group physiotherapy.

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Prices and current offers

Taster Session 


(For first session)

Voucher for 1 x group physiotherapy session.


12pm-1pm at Whiston Parish Hall on your preferred Sunday.

For new customers only. Try before you buy!

You have 2 months to redeem your session.

Pay As You Go


(£12 per session)

1 x group physiotherapy session.


12pm-1pm at Whiston Parish Hall on your preferred Sunday.

4-Week Block


(£11 per session)