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10 Benefits of Exercise Bands

What are exercise bands?

They are stretchy bands, usually made from latex or rubber, that are commonly used for physiotherapy and strength training. You can use them to add resistance to exercises.

Here are our top 10 benefits:

1. They can help you build muscle tone and strength

Many people develop sarcopenia as they get older, which is age-related muscle deterioration. Exercise bands help to keep your muscles healthy and strong. They exert force on your muscles when stretched during exercise and make it more difficult to perform movements. This helps to contract and tone your muscles.

2. They can improve your balance and mobility

As we get older, balance is particularly important for helping us avoid falls, which can lead to injuries and cause a major decline in our health. Research suggests that using exercise bands regularly can help you to improve your balance, mobility, flexibility, and prevent falls.

3. There’s less chance of injuries

Exercise bands can be a safer alternative than traditional weights for older adults because they exert less force on your joints and bones. This means that you can use more stimulus to the muscles with less chance of injury. You can easily control the difficulty and resistance of the exercise band.

4. They support your rehabilitation and recovery

Exercise bands were invented in a medical setting for the purpose of rehabilitation. They are particularly beneficial for people who have existing muscle-related injuries and joint pain because they do not overload the spine or joints with excessive weight, and you can benefit from a manageable level of resistance. This allows you to strengthen specific muscle groups whilst you are recovering from an injury.

5. They expand your range of movement

Wear and tear can cause the range of motion of your joints to decrease over time. Unlike weights, exercise bands don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance. This means that your body can expand the range of motion in certain exercises because it reduces the compression of your joints.

6. They are easy to store and portable

Exercise bands are small, lightweight, and do not take up much space, unlike some resistance exercise equipment. Thus, they can be easily transported anywhere from your home to your garden, the park, or on holiday!

7. They are affordable

They are less expensive than traditional weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells. You can use a single band to exercise your upper and lower body.

8. You have the opportunity to progress

Exercise bands come in various colour-coded resistance strengths, so you can select the level which is most appropriate for your ability and there is room for progression. You can adjust the level of resistance during exercise by giving more or less tension to the band, as well as combining multiple exercise bands to increase the challenge.

9. They are user-friendly

Exercises and stretches can be done from a seated position, or whilst standing up. They offer a simple yet effective way to workout for people of any age and fitness level.

10. They can help you lose weight

Exercise bands can support your weight loss routine because the harder you work out, the more calories you will burn. Of course, you will have to keep an eye on your dietary consumption too!

At Village Physio, we often use exercise bands during our group physiotherapy classes. Our Chartered Physiotherapist, Animesh Sundas, provides support and guidance to help you conduct exercises safely and effectively in the session and at home. Find out more at


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